a book recommendation for those wishing to support an infertile friend or loved one

This book was recently recommended to me for family and friends of those suffering from infertility.

In this heartfelt collection of stories and advice, authors Shari DeGraff Stewart and Julia Fichtner Krahm help anyone who cares about one of the seven million infertile women in the U.S. translate love into supportive words and actions. Drawing from their own experiences and those of others, the authors offer compassionate guidance on how to address many common challenges that readers might face when helping a loved one through this difficult time:

- For those who don't know what to say words and responses that are helpful to her, and importantly, what she absolutely doesn't want to hear
- For those who feel helpless advice on what to do to support, comfort, and empower her in what may be the fight of her life
- For those who want to get it guidance on how to walk alongside her when she feels like no one understands her loneliness, anxiety, and pain

With accessible suggestions for husbands, family members, and friends, this book will help readers deliver the level of support that inspires an infertile woman to say, I don t think I would have survived without his support, or I wouldn't have made it without her.

Available from Amazon.com and BarnsandNoble.com

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